Mark and Traci Neyland

When a suitor pursues his bride, in the same way the Lord Jesus Christ pursues His Bride ..

The eternal empowers the tangible, and the tangible embodies the eternal.

Together, these two pursuits form The Beautiful Parallel.

The Beautiful Parallel

When the Lord told me where to look for my bride, I followed His Word and gave my Seattle employer a six-weeks' notice.

When the Lord asked a beautiful woman in San Antonio to write a prayer-letter, she asked Him to send her the right man.

We had no idea, at the time, on the same night she wrote that letter, I was packing my car for a road trip that would change our lives forever.

The Neylands

I first saw her face Christmas of 2000. I met her January of 2001, and married the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, that December.

In 2011, 2013, and 2015, we became two joyfully sleep-deprived parents when God added three little souls to our family.

We now live in the Texas hill country on a few simple house-rules:

1 Listen
2 Don't Fuss
3 Never Hit Girls
4 Don’t Make Betty Fuss © 2020